Onions are evil

Yesterday, while helping me with dinner, Vince was overcome with tearing in his eyes from the onions I was chopping. He complained briefly about the dreaded vegetable, then moved on to discussing garlic, which he apparently finds much less offensive. This is news to me, since I can count the number of vegetables (or other contaminants, in the form of any non-meat chunks) he will allow to pass his lips on zero hands. After, a thoughtful pause during his contemplation of onions and garlic, he concluded (and almost made me pee my pants):

Onions are like garlic’s mean friend.

Well put, my friend.


About Mfree

I believe: -that the world is at least as safe today as at any other time in history -that we suffocate and cripple our children when we overprotect them -that the best protection we can ever provide our children is to teach them how to think for themselves -that kids don't need snacks every 12 minutes -that kids should be able to ride across town in a car without a dvd playing -that if we spend too much time worrying about imagined dangers, we may just miss the real dangers -that kids are astonishingly forgiving -that kids are not the boss of me
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2 Responses to Onions are evil

  1. Eric says:

    I love that!

    What the heck is Vince standing next to in that picture? A rusty old oil drum or something?

    • Mfree says:

      Oh yeah, that’s a mistake. I usually like to place myself next to rusty old things, because I think it makes me look better in comparison. Vince, though? He don’t need no stinkin’ oil drum. This is why one hires professional photographers to take family pictures. (Actually, it’s an old apparatus of some sort in Mill Ruins Park by the river and the Mill City Museum.)

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