family photo
We are family!

The Family (clockwise from front center)

  • Annika, “Ani,” or “Ani Bunny,” age 7
  • Elias, “Eli,” “EJ,” or “Spit,” age 9
  • Jon, “Dad,” age unknown
  • Me, “Mom,” old
  • Isabella, “Mimi,” “Meems,” age 6
  • Sid, “Sidski,” “The Procrasta-Mastah,” age 21
  • Vince, “Vince,” age 8
I am a:

freelance writer. (I like to be succinct.)

I have also been a:

  • high school English teacher
  • personal chef
  • economic development drone
  • restaurant cook
  • theater dresser
  • corn detassler
  • ice cream scooper
  • various if-it-doesn’t-kill-you-it-will-make-you-stronger type things
Things I like to do:

-teach creative writing
-eat huge quantities of sushi
-drink wine (for health benefits, of course)
-create my own cocktail concoctions
-downhill ski
-take photos
-drive a Bobcat
-play chess with small children whom I can defeat
-plan parties
-play card games
-make jewelry
-cook (but not for kids)
-do home improvement projects
-assemble things
-roll my eyes
-talk to funny people
-watch really good movies
-learn new stuff
-garden for a couple weeks in the spring until I get bored with it
-start food fights with my kids and then tell them to knock it off
-tease my children until they try to slay me with their plastic swords

Things I suck at:

-keeping the house picked up
-keeping a straight face when my husband says something silly in the heat of disciplining the kids
-ongoing maintenance of anything (the house, the yard, my body, relationships)
-throwing a frisbee
-maintaining a thin waistline
-functioning without sufficient alone time
-keeping in touch with people I actually love