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I believe: -that the world is at least as safe today as at any other time in history -that we suffocate and cripple our children when we overprotect them -that the best protection we can ever provide our children is to teach them how to think for themselves -that kids don't need snacks every 12 minutes -that kids should be able to ride across town in a car without a dvd playing -that if we spend too much time worrying about imagined dangers, we may just miss the real dangers -that kids are astonishingly forgiving -that kids are not the boss of me

Why why why can’t I sing? or whistle like a sonuvabitch?

Sometimes I’m happy to be alive. Like when I see things like this. Okay, first of all, who can whistle like that? And the little girl is so freaking earnest that I need to take a big near-weepy breath when … Continue reading

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Will Work for Family

You mean we get paid just for being born? Eli queried. Me: Yeah, I guess so. We were talking about allowance. See, the deal at our house is that you get paid cuz you’re in the family, and for no … Continue reading

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My breast whisperer creeps me out

I started to comment this morning on an article I read on (My Medela Speaks to Me How breast pumps “talk” to new mothers, by Melissa Sher, December 2, 2010), but then the comment took on a life of … Continue reading

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I wear the pants

I’m on day 6 (in a row) of wearing my new favorite jeans. I’m loathe to wash them since they’re starting to resemble a second skin. In fact, I think I’d be perfectly happy if my skin were denim. Well, … Continue reading

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Baby-proofing and other holiday safety absurdities

A list of holiday safety tips recently caught my eye. Not because I was seeking out a whole new list of dangers to worry about, but because the advice was so absurd. AB-SURD. But to be fair, the author does … Continue reading

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Reasons I shouldn’t home-school

From the Annals of Mindboggling Things I Overhear in my Own Home comes the following. What you need to know–there has been no mention of hippies prior to Vince’s opening statement. Vince (age 8): I hate hippies. Me: Hippies? Why? … Continue reading

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The metaphor of safe ice

One of the things I find most troubling about being a parent is the nearly pathological degree to which we attempt to remove all risk from our children’s lives (a subject about which I’d be happy to rant ad nauseum … Continue reading

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