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Reasons I shouldn’t home-school

From the Annals of Mindboggling Things I Overhear in my Own Home comes the following. What you need to know–there has been no mention of hippies prior to Vince’s opening statement. Vince (age 8): I hate hippies. Me: Hippies? Why? … Continue reading

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Yet another reason to play video games

Just figured out how I’m going to inspire the kids to take up a musical instrument. It turns out, Super Mario Brothers rocks on violin.   BUT…then I thought of PacMan, which I remember as having a really grating sound. … Continue reading

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Mad dog

Our dog, Django (pr. jang-o), is a 3 year-old yellow lab/ridgeback (or something) mix. He’s also an asshole. Today, he thought it would be fun to shove his way out the door as the kids were leaving for school and … Continue reading

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Onions are evil

Yesterday, while helping me with dinner, Vince was overcome with tearing in his eyes from the onions I was chopping. He complained briefly about the dreaded vegetable, then moved on to discussing garlic, which he apparently finds much less offensive. … Continue reading

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