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Why why why can’t I sing? or whistle like a sonuvabitch?

Sometimes I’m happy to be alive. Like when I see things like this. Okay, first of all, who can whistle like that? And the little girl is so freaking earnest that I need to take a big near-weepy breath when … Continue reading

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I wear the pants

I’m on day 6 (in a row) of wearing my new favorite jeans. I’m loathe to wash them since they’re starting to resemble a second skin. In fact, I think I’d be perfectly happy if my skin were denim. Well, … Continue reading

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The dirt on high fructose corn syrup

Like most horror stories about environmental or nutritional bogeymen, I half-listen and just try to veer toward natural products and food–emphasis on “try” and, let’s be honest, not all that hard actually. It’s A LOT of work. But, when someone … Continue reading

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Onions are evil

Yesterday, while helping me with dinner, Vince was overcome with tearing in his eyes from the onions I was chopping. He complained briefly about the dreaded vegetable, then moved on to discussing garlic, which he apparently finds much less offensive. … Continue reading

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What do I know anyway?

I’ve had 21 years to experience and think about parenting, and I’m starting to feel like I’ve learned a few things along the way. I did say “a few.” Cuz it’s hard. But mostly I think it’s intimidating, because kids … Continue reading

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