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Baby-proofing and other holiday safety absurdities

A list of holiday safety tips recently caught my eye. Not because I was seeking out a whole new list of dangers to worry about, but because the advice was so absurd. AB-SURD. But to be fair, the author does … Continue reading

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The metaphor of safe ice

One of the things I find most troubling about being a parent is the nearly pathological degree to which we attempt to remove all risk from our children’s lives (a subject about which I’d be happy to rant ad nauseum … Continue reading

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OTHER Outrage of the Week: Funeral for a Swing Set (via FreeRangeKids)

No, no, no. Come on! Hi Readers — Those clever folks at KaBoom, the playground people, have created a “virtual funeral” for the swingsets of West Virginia’s Cabell County. The sets died an unnatural death, after a painful lawsuit brought … Continue reading

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Today’s definition: Stranger

Stranger [streyn-jer], Anyone you don’t know well enough to share a secret handshake with. Can be assumed to have evil intentions toward your child(ren). May attempt to engage in horrible acts with you or your loved ones, such as smile, … Continue reading

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